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This site is about providing access to video that shows the practical limits of grading with dozers on very steep, extreme slopes. This video, as a tutorial, includes methods of dealing with drainage on roadways and the construction of, waterbars, swales, flowlines, erosion, road repair with compaction in grading. Featured is the smallest hydrostatic dozer, a John Deere 450 6-way angle dozer. Operating tips for safer, smoother dozer operation.

The videos of the "West40" series are edited, narrated and and have music to make an entertaining theme. Three hours in length over two parts.

WATCH, slope thrills 2006 Orchard Slide repair

In 2005 there was major rainfall. An avocado orchard suffered many small landslides from a volcanic gas vent systems inundated by aquifers that filled over normal levels causing slides.

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West 40 grading part I

The west 40 road gets opened up after 15 years of disuse. 90 minutes

  West 40 grading part II

The bottom half of the west 40 road has many challenges. 90 minutes

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